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Exam proctoring for added peace of mind

We understand that some institutions may be looking for extra security for high stakes exams and are considering using proctoring services. We have proctoring options available so it’s possible to securely deliver remote exams if required.

Two types of online proctoring are typically available; live proctoring, where exams are monitored by invigilators in real-time, and automated proctoring. Giving you the choice to choose which best suits your needs.

Regardless of the proctoring service chosen, it can be used alongside eSystem’s other features such as timed exams and randomised questions, for further assurance that academic integrity is protected.

Contact us if you would like to discuss proctoring solutions that are compatible with eSystem.


Protect academic integrity with online proctoring

Real-time exam proctoring, by highly trained and experienced invigilators. Post-exam, an audited exam session recording is provided.
Using machine learning algorithms to detect and highlight any suspicious behaviour. The recorded exam session is human audited post-exam.
Detailed reports, highlighting any potential exam violations are provided together with a recording of each exam session after the exam.
Exam proctoring options offer added security for your high-stakes exams and assurance academic integrity is protected.


Running secure proctored exams is easy with the eSystem. Quickly create exams, schedule proctoring, securely deliver.


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