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eSystem - the flexible choice in assessment

Use one online assessment tool to run all your multiple choice and OSCE exams easily across health sciences disciplines.  The eSystem lets you choose the assessment type that suits you – multiple choice, short written answer and OSCE as well as how exams are delivered – securely online, online or in a traditional paper format. All without fuss.

And the intuitive interface means that you only have to get to grips with one system for your entire examination process – and you can use the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

When it is time to review the performance of your exams and individual questions, the statistical analysis gives you complete visibility about how questions and exams have performed. The powerful combination of statistical analysis on each question’s use alongside the exam blueprinting functionality means that when it comes time to set the next exam you have everything you need to improve exams again and again– thus raising standards overtime.

This visibility isn’t limited to assessors – candidate feedback is generated within seconds of the exam finishing, eliminating the need for labour-intensive marking.

“We are very excited by how the eSystem will change the way we author and share questions, develop exams, and provide feedback to learners and curriculum management.”

Dr Valérie Dory, McGill University – Faculty of Medicine


See for yourself how it works today!

84% of Russell Group universities use our exam solutions
2 million+ exams, taken in over 15 countries are powered each year by our solutions
72% of British and Irish medical schools deliver exams underpinned by Speedwell


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