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Easy to prepare. Seconds to score. Minutes to analyse.

The technical intelligence in the eSystem removes the challenges of running online written tests and exams. Couple this with the ease of setting them up – and the automatic marking of online assessments, it leaves you firmly in control of your assessments.

Designed with flexibility in mind, you choose the question style you need.

Our eSystem manages both online and paper-based written exams easily too. Candidates can take their formative or summative digital exams on their preferred device, securely. And if you are running paper exams, assessments are created within the eSystem and then the scanned results are imported back into the software.

“The contribution Speedwell has made to improving the speed and accuracy of our OSCE and MCQ assessments has been invaluable.”

Gaynor Jones, UCL Medical School


See how easy it is to manage written exams using eSystem software

Choose multiple choice, single best answer, multiple answer, extended matching, short answer, multiple short answer, very short answer, hot spot, drag and drop, short case or essay question styles. Questions can include images and formulae.
Automatic marking for MCQ exams - sit back and let the software mark your exams. Online marking for online written and essay questions.
Run secure digital exams or use for paper assessments
Candidates can take their formative and summative exams on their device of choice. The secure lockdown mode can be used on devices running Windows or Mac OS X.
Wide range of customisable reports are available for export. Candidate feedback reports are available as PDFs, in our exam delivery portal or use API to integrate into student portals.
Data is synced securely with the server during the exam allowing you to monitor the exam progress in real-time


Running online written exams is easy with the eSystem. Create exams in minutes – mark exams in seconds. Secure digital exam delivery.


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