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High stakes exam software for health and life sciences

Despite the large number of health and life sciences courses –  medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, bioscience to name a few – those running high stakes assessments for these courses have the same goal. To run robust, trustable exams that validate the candidates’ knowledge in a fair and accurate way.

With the backing of eSystem exam management software, you have everything you need to manage health and life science assessments efficiently and effectively. The robust foundation within eSystem software streamlines exam processes, has inbuilt check and balance functionality to ensure that nothing is overlooked as exams

are built and ensures that administrators, assessors and candidates all have performance visibility required, within agreed permissions.

And the software is flexible where it needs to be. When using eSystem software, you select the question type that suits you (multiple choice, short written answer and OSCE), the exam format (secure online, online or on paper) as well as how you structure your question bank.

And the flexible nature of cloud delivery means that you can start off using the software for one course and then extend it easily to use it for other courses as your needs change.

“What the eSystem has given us is more time – we can now see at a glance where improvements needed to be made, whereas before we either didn’t have the data or had to work it out manually – and that could take some time cobbling it all together. eSystem software turns our question data into actionable insights.”

Lindsay Dalziel, Edinburgh University, The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies


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84% of Russell Group universities use our exam solutions
2 million+ exams, taken in over 15 countries are powered each year by our solutions
72% of British and Irish medical schools deliver exams underpinned by Speedwell


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