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Specialist OMR printing – don’t risk anything else

Printing OMR sheets is a specialist service. The design and print accuracy of pre-printed exam answer papers is vital to successfully scanning completed print exams. Forms that have even the smallest error on them can interrupt the scanning process and render the efficiencies of using an OMR scanner useless.

That is why 99% of customers that use an OMR scanner, trust us to manage their print runs.

Our print professionals manage OMR print runs every week – and can help manage the process for you every step of the way.


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OMR Sheet to be used with OMR Scanners

OMR Scanners – How to ensure seamless scanning

With the time that’s invested in preparing and setting up exams, it’s a relief when they’re over and have run smoothly. However, the task of processing the exam papers still lies ahead. With Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanners and software, then it should be as simple as scanning the sheets in. And with scanners capable […]

OMR sheet or DRS sheet being filled out

Run efficient paper-based exams with OMR Sheets

Whilst there’s much talk about the efficiencies of digital exams, for many, paper exam delivery is still a significant and integral part of their exam operations. If you’re responsible for the day-to-day administration and delivery of these exams, streamlining the process is high on the agenda. So, what are the ‘must-haves’ for running efficient paper-based […]

Exam Report

Online exams vs paper: Why the time for change is now

From paper to online exams The Covid-19 pandemic saw exams cancelled across the globe; it caused turmoil for institutions and uncertainty for students about when or even if they’ll be able to take the exams they’ve worked hard for. This led to many institutions accelerating their plans for online exams and we saw drastic growth […]

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