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Setting the gold standard in computer-based exam software

Rethink how your organisation runs computer-based assessments using one online exam management platform.

Our software lets you:

  • Create, administer, analyse and report on your exams using a single, intuitive package
  • Store and organise your questions and their performance statistics
  • Streamline exam management and improve accuracy of your exams
  • Integrate your exam data into other systems using an API
  • Select different question types – multiple choice, single correct answer, short written answer and objective structured clinical exam (OSCE)
  • Deliver secure computer-based exams or paper exams.

Organisations that effectively use online exam management tools are seeing strong increases in productivity and candidate satisfaction. If you are struggling with complex exam management workflows, poor accuracy, incomplete reporting or inflexible processes, Speedwell’s eSystem will improve your exam management experience and outcomes.

“Rethinking our approach to question banking has paid off for the Faculty of Medicine. The visibility we now have over the entire online exam management process means we know where to improve – as educators we cans see each individual question and exam and see at a glance how the assessment is performing.”

Dr Valérie Dory, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University


There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. See for yourself how it works today!