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Exam software to manage paper assessments

Every institution has its own timeframe for moving their exam tools and assessments online. That is why we’ve made sure our eSystem exam software can also support paper exams.

Working alongside OMR scanners and paper marking sheets, eSystem allows you to deliver paper MCQ exams. After the exam is finished, you can see the performance of that exam and its candidates. So you can run paper exams whilst getting all the benefits of an advanced question bank whether you are running paper and/or online exams.


CliniQuest enables you to run effective paper-based objective structured clinical exams (OSCEs). This software is installed onto individual PCs and simplifies the OSCE process. The paper marking sheets are scanned using an OMR scanner and the results are imported back into the software. It allows you to run complex practical assessments and gives you accurate scoring and reporting for each exam.

Don’t let a lack of sound software to run your paper multiple choice or OSCE exams hold you back.


“We have been using Speedwell’s MultiQuest and QuestionBank for a number of years and have found the software very intuitive and adaptable to our needs. The system has allowed us to deliver hundreds of successful exams during this time. We have always been happy with the level of service and support provided by Speedwell. “

Graham Kavanagh, The Insurance Institute of Ireland


Paper exams and OMR readers have been used widely for many years - see if they are the right choice for you

Compared to manual marking, OMR scanners save time
There is no need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure to support paper based examinations
Tangible verification of results as there is a paper based audit trail


Learn more about the powerful combination of our exam software and OMR scanners for running your paper assessments.


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