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Simplifying complex OSCE exam processes

eSystem software removes complexity from Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs), whilst giving you what you need – a simple-to-use, insights driven tool for all your practical exams. Being completely versatile, it accommodates all disciplines, and you can have as many candidates, stations and examiners as you need.

A single, controllable process allows you to set up OSCEs quickly and accurately. And the checks and balances ensure that there aren’t any gaps – both when the assessment is being setup as well as when it is live.

Examiners record a candidates results either in a secure web portal or if an internet or network connection isn’t available, using an iOS or Android app to run the OSCE offline.

Post exam, standard setting methods such as Borderline Regression can be used to calculate the pass mark.

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Making the complex easy with eSystem software

Intuitive interface makes setting up and running eOSCEs easy - and removes the chance of error when running large, complex assessments
Allows for multiple days, circuits, sessions and locations.
Use the secure online portal or an app if working offline to record candidate results.
Data is synced securely with the server during the exam allowing you to monitor the exam progress in real-time
Examiners can choose whether to use an iPad, android device or a windows PC to record results during the practical exam
Support for multiple examiners (for example two+ examiners per station)
Wide range of customisable reports are available - and they can be easily exported for online sharing


Be confident that your practical exams will run smoothly when you use eSystem software.


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