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Speedwell have officially launched their much anticipated new online exam software. The Speedwell eSystem has been in development for 18 months and is suitable for both formative and summative tests, with an online question bank at the heart of the system.  Using the very latest Microsoft technology, the eSystem supports a wide range of exam delivery devices – iPads, tablets, smart phones, Windows PCs, Macs.

McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Canada were the first to purchase the eSystem. Here Dr Valérie Dory talks to us about the online exam software and explains their reasoning for the purchase.

Could you tell me why McGill Faculty of Medicine selected Speedwell’s eSystem?

On the one hand it was in development, which had both pros and cons. The cons being an element of uncertainty but the pro was an opportunity to provide input in its development. We were also reassured by Speedwell’s long track record in the UK. Users consistently indicated high levels of responsiveness to feedback – even the perfect system has glitches so being responsive was deemed important. We appreciated their no nonsense approach and felt the company was trustworthy. They really made us feel like special clients. Furthermore, compared to other solutions, the system keeps data in-house. It was also very flexible, for example it allows for negative scoring.

What types of exams will the system be used for?

We already had a system for formative quizzes but we wanted something for online summative exams including end of course exams and progress tests.

In terms of item formats we are looking forward to the system being able to handle short-answer, pick N, and ultimately script concordance testing – but for now we are happy to make do with single best answer MCQ*.

What is your objective for the eSystem?

The first objective was to implement a central item bank to allow us to reuse questions and store item psychometrics.

We are also hoping that the system will very soon allow us to generate reports regarding class and individual performance by specific objectives.**

Do you have any other comments you would like to add?

We have been extremely impressed by the responsiveness and technical support offered. We are very excited by how the system will change the way we author and share questions, develop exams, and provide feedback to learners and curriculum management.

To find out more about our eSystem, please contact our sales team.

*Other question styles and clinical assessment exams (OSCEs) are in development.

**This will be available by Autumn 2015

Published 21st May, 2015