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Anyone who has taken exams understands the desire for prompt results. However, today’s students increasingly demand more. They’re looking for constructive and detailed feedback that not only assists with their learning but also helps to improve future performance.

If your existing exam processes make it difficult and labour intensive to provide student feedback, then it may be time to upgrade your exam software.

With Speedwell’s eSystem it’s possible to provide results and tailored feedback quickly and easily for both practical and written assessments.

Detailed student feedback report

At the touch of a button, you can produce reports that provides clear and comprehensive exam feedback to candidates. They can see performance both in terms of overall mark and vs the average for the exam. Enabling them to see how they fared compared to their peers.

The reports can be top-level; giving summarised results by question category, learning outcome, bloom’s taxonomy or groups for example.  Or, if required they can be more detailed, providing relevant feedback at individual question level or station for OSCEs. Using this feature makes each report highly personalised and relevant for students.

Furthermore, the student feedback can be offered in both text tables and diagrammatic form. The diagrams being particularly useful to give a quick and clear visual representation of performance.

Any areas of strength or weakness are visible. Ensuring candidates have a better understanding of what they are doing well as alongside providing valuable insight on where they should focus future revision efforts.

Example report

If you would like to see an example student feedback report for yourself, we’re more than happy to share one with you. Just click on the link below to send us a request.


You can also see how easy it is to create these reports with eSystem by watching our VIDEO

Timely results

As you would expect, exam results can also be made available quickly and easily.  Students can access both their exam feedback and results online by logging into the eSystem delivery module. Or, if you have installed the option via an API they can be accessed through your own student management portal. You can allow access immediately or make them available at any time you set after the examination.

Talk to the team

If you would like to find out more about eSystem, any of it’s features, or arrange a personal demonstration then contact us now. Call our sales team on +44 (0) 1223 851703 or email