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Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell software.

In this clip we are going to look at the Speedwell eSystem candidate feedback feature, and how it can be used to provide clear and instant feedback to candidates taking online exams.

Here, the candidate is taking an online exam with the eSystem, reading the questions, marking their chosen answers etc. and then… Reviewing their answers before they finish.

After the exam has been taken it appears in this EXAMS TAKEN screen where we can choose to show the students their results, let them review their exam, or show feedback.  Its worth noting that all these post exam options can be switched on for an exam at any time, for example after the board have reviewed the exam.  The feedback can also be set using a pre-defined date.

Here we will focus on the online candidate feedback report. The information at the top of the screen is customisable.

Here we are showing the candidate number and name, the exam detail and the candidate percentage score plus raw score data as well as the average score and raw numbers for all candidates.

We are showing a grade and the number of questions here as well. In our report we are showing the CATEGORIES the questions belong to and the data as numbers – for example for BLOOD & LYMPH subgroup this candidate got 22 questions correct, out of 29 questions with a score of 85.   That works out as a 77.3 percentage for these questions.  The maximum score was 110 for this category and the average score was 68.8. 

This is really useful for showing the candidate where their strengths and weaknesses are.

Below the same data is shown for the LEARNING OUTCOMES and then again for ROLES.

We can switch on as many of these question groups as we want and decide how we show the results (as numbers or percentages) and how much information we show the students, so the online feedback report provides really valuable information on the questions in this exam.  It can also be really helpful as a revision tool.

I hope you found this clip useful, if you would like more information about the candidate feedback report, the speedwell eSystem or would like to book a free demo, please contact us at


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