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Candidate Exam Feedback Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell

In this clip we’ll look giving candidates post exam feedback.

Exams View

The questions in this exam cover various topics. And each question belongs to specific categories and learning outcomes and that’s the information I’d like to feed back to the candidate after the exam.

Feedback form

Once I’ve added my questions, I can set up my feedback and this can be a print or PDF for the candidate or in this case an online candidate feedback report. We could customise the timings and the header, but here I’m interested in displaying a chart for the candidate.

Back to Exams View

I’d like to show a horizontal bar, displaying questions correct as a percentage. I’ve chosen to feed back on categories and learning outcomes and a couple of sub-groups within each of those. But we could show as many groups and as much detail as we like here. From the available columns I’m keeping it simple and showing the candidate score against the average score as a raw number as well as a percentage.

Feedback Report

And this is what the candidate feedback report looks like in student delivery. Adam Smith has signed in; he’s taken the general test and immediately he can look at the online feedback. As a headline we’re showing the candidate detail, the exam detail, the overall candidate score against the average, the grade and the number of questions. But this headline information can be customised.

The category scores for Adam Smith are shown as blue bars. So, his Blood and Lymph score is shown here and his Child Health question score is shown here. With the average scores for the cohort shown as red diamonds. And below for each of those sub-groups we’ve switched on the score and the average score as raw numbers and percentages, so the information is displayed very clearly there for the candidate.

For the learning outcomes groups, we’ve switched on similar information, so we’re displaying the candidate’s scores as blue bars with the averages as red diamonds. We’ve also switched on the scores and the average scores as raw numbers and percentages and they are displayed clearly below.

The candidate can now go back to their exams, take another test or look at more feedback as long as they are logged into delivery.

Printed Feedback Report

There is also the option of a printed candidate feedback report which is shown here. This is for an OSCE exam we’ve customised this to show different information at the top. So, Candidate details, exam details and the scores. For this OSCE the stations are plotted on a radar graph. The candidate scores are shown as a blue circle and the average score is shown as a red block and this clearly shows the candidate how their performance compares to the average.

Below, the table shows the score and average score for each station as a percentage. With a performance arrow showing each candidate whether they rank in the top, middle, lower or bottom ranking for each station and the bottom line shows the total scores and the total performance arrow.

Examiner’s Feedback

For this OSCE feedback we’re also displaying examiner feedback. So, comments that the examiner typed during marking are shown to the candidate here. This is really useful and informative feedback to give to the candidate post-examination.

Contact Us

I hope you found this clip useful, if you would like more information on candidate feedback, or the Speedwell eSystem or would like to book a free demo, please contact us at

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