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How well do your questions perform?

QuestionBank provides the management tools to assess how questions perform and compile papers the easy way. 

The UK's No.1 OSCE solution

Multiple disciplines, stations and examiners; a single, controllable process - and first class post-exam analysis.


KeyPoint: our award-winning survey product

Make surveys and audits as simple to run as possible, making it easy to monitor progress, assess the impact of change and ensure targets are being met. Whether you're scanning paper surveys, using PCs, kiosks or mobile devices, KeyPoint captures the opinions that count.

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"Speedwell has greatly reduced staff overheads and enables us to process results quicker. It's changing how we author and share questions, and has the potential to revolutionise what we do" Patrick Doyle, Trinity College Dublin

About us

Our market-leading survey software and exam software put the power in your hands, allowing you to create, run and assess a huge range of examinations and surveys. And our philosophy is simple: everyone wants an easy, fast and accurate solution - and everyone feels happier when they’re in control. So that’s where we start. 

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