Speedwell are survey software and exam software specialists.

We have all the tools you need to run world-class examinations.  Our sophisticated systems save time, are easy to use and give you complete control of the assessment process, from question design to analysis and reporting.   Our software solutions include Question Bank, Multiple Choice Exams (MCQ), Clinical Assessments (OSCE exams), Short Written Answers (SWA) and Mini Multiple Interviews (MMIs).



Make surveys and audits as simple and accessible as possible, making it easy to monitor progress, assess the impact of change and ensure targets are being met. 

Whether you're scanning paper surveys, using PCs (online or offline), kiosks or mobile devices, KeyPoint, our award-winning survey software is simply all you need to capture the views and opinions that really matter. Experience for yourself how easy it is to design, publish and manage a survey with our free trial software.



Increase the accuracy, speed and efficiency of your online exam process.

The Speedwell eSystem is an innovative online exam software designed to create, administer, analyse and report with one integrated assessment system. It supports both paper-based and digital assessments, while the advanced online question bank allows for remote access and authoring. User friendly, it works on a wide range of systems and hardware, allows for easy integration and is highly secure.