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EMQ questions – (Extended Matching Questions) are now available in eSystem – Speedwell’s exam software. This specific type of multiple choice question allows a question to have multiple variables or scenarios all linked to a common set of answers.

Often used in medical exams, EMQ questions offer the ability to demonstrate and assess diagnostic reasoning in a way that is not possible with a traditional MCQ. It’s harder for students to ‘guess’ the correct answer and in order to perform well they need to be able to apply depth of knowledge across the presented scenarios.

Within eSystem, you can select the EMQ question format from the drop-down menu alongside any other question type for inclusion in your exams.

All the standard functionality of other question formats is available for EMQ. For example, re-ordering or withdrawing questions and if you turn off a question the numbering will automatically be updated.

It’s fully integrated with the Web app for use with remote authoring. Furthermore, as the below example shows, images can be included. This gives authors greater flexibility when setting questions:

example of EMQ Question

Screenshot of an example EMQ question in e-System. (This picture is for demo purposes and not linked to the question)

So, if you are using Speedwell’s eSystem for question banking and then running paper-based exams you can now include EMQ questions. But the benefits don’t stop there…

EMQ questions in online exam delivery

You can also include EMQs for online exams. The below screen shot shows how this question type looks to a student taking the exam.

EMQ question in eSystem exam delivery

Screenshot of an example EMQ question in eSystem exam delivery mode.

Instructions and questions are clearly displayed together with the common list of answer options. The intuitive drop-down menu to the side of each question allows students to easily pick their desired answer.

In addition, there is a handy progress bar on the right-hand side of the screen where it is possible to see all questions at a glance and easily monitor which ones have been answered.

During the exam, if students want to revisit a question later, it’s possible to add flags to act as a visual reminder. As with all other questions in eSystem, EMQs are presented in a clear and easy to use format.

Adding EMQ questions to either your online or offline examinations couldn’t be simpler.

And don’t forget all of the other benefits eSystem delivers; powerful question banking with statistical reports for question performance and valuable insights. The blueprinting tool for a visual check of any gaps in your assessments. Plus candidate feedback reports, flexibility and ease of use…to name a few.

To find out more about our eSystem and any of its features, or to arrange a demo, please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1223 851703 or email