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Image courtesy of UCL

Getting new doctors to the frontline

Graduating new doctors promptly to assist with the Coronavirus effort was a huge priority for University College London (UCL). With face-to-face teaching and exams cancelled, they turned to Speedwell’s eSystem exam software to help.

UCL’s Medical School has used Speedwell exam products for many years, initially for paper exam delivery and more recently for digital exams. Initially they used eSystem software to organise their question bank and take advantage of the advanced banking benefits on offer, whilst still delivering paper exams. However, In 2018, UCL extended their eSystem licence so they could move to digital OSCE’s. This was a huge success and meant that the Medical School was keen to also move away from paper single best answer exams (SBAs) as soon as possible.

Delivering exams during Covid-19

With the sudden onset of the pandemic, the Medical School’s previous experience with the eSystem meant that they were well placed to make a speedy and smooth transition to remote exams. Ultimately, this enabled the Medical School to promptly graduate their latest cohort of new doctors – allowing them to apply to the GMC to become Foundation Interim Year 1 doctors (FIY1). Once fully registered, these new doctors could formally join the NHS and assist with the Coronavirus effort.

Gaynor jones, UCL

Gaynor Jones, Head of MBBS Management at UCL said:

“We managed to graduate 303 new doctors and be the first medical school to submit their names to the GMC for early registration. We’re completely reliant on Speedwell’s eSystem for our summative exams in July/August for students in earlier years of the programme and immensely pleased that we piloted a formative before Christmas and were able to provide our year 4 and 5 students with iPads to be able to sit the exams at home!”

Being able to deliver high quality, secure exams in such unprecedented circumstances has not only been a huge relief for Gaynor and her team, but also for the students who were ultimately able to complete their studies. She continues:

“Speedwell completely made it possible for us to examine and progress our students at this time and for that we are so grateful.”

Rob Dear Joint CEO for Speedwell says:

“We are delighted that Speedwell’s eSystem has enabled UCL to graduate their Medical Students so promptly during the current circumstances and we’d like to wish them all the best in their future careers.”

Speedwell has been supplying exam software to Royal Colleges and Medical Schools for over 30 years, so have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that high stakes exams run smoothly and efficiently. Even in these unique and challenging times.

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