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Run Live Video exams from anywhere* with our eSystem exam software

It’s widely recognised Covid-19 was a catalyst for many to run online exams for the first time. However, it’s also driven a need to find a secure, robust solution that allows video use in high stakes remote exams. Video being the next best option when it’s not possible to gather in person.

Institutions found themselves using third-party software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams alongside exam software to deliver a live video element to their exams. A far from ideal situation. With this came added complexity, a greater margin for error, increased technical issues and concerns about security.

Keen to deliver solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s changing needs we’ve integrated video capability into our eSystem exam software. It’s now possible to run interview style, viva voce and even some practical (OSCE) style exams via video, remotely from any location.

Whilst the pandemic and resultant lockdowns may have initially necessitated this solution, it’s quickly become apparent, that in some circumstances, live video exams have several benefits that make them an excellent alternative to in-person exams. We discuss some of them below.

Online and video exams can increase environmental credentials

With the climate crisis, reducing the environmental impact of activities is high on the agenda.  Students are increasingly becoming more environmentally aware. Which we expect will drive a need for more environmentally-conscious practices in the future.

During the pandemic, with international and domestic travel not possible, businesses relied on online video meetings. Whilst this materialised because of the circumstances, it does also come with the welcome side effect of being better for the environment. And it’s a practice that many businesses will undoubtedly continue.

With eSystem’s remote video module, there is now greater flexibility for institutions to consider video as an option for their exams too.  Whereas previously an exam format may have required candidates to attend exams in person, this is no longer the case.  Live video exams are run remotely from any location, removing the need for travel. In addition, being online also removes the need for physical exam papers and so reduces paper usage. Instantly increasing your environmental credentials.

Our customers are already putting this into practice. Aga Khan University, Medical College East Africa, attracts applicants for their Masters in Medicine course from all over the Continent. By moving their admissions exams online due to Covid, they were able to simultaneously run an exam with over 300 applicants in 15 different countries. Before, it was not unheard of for candidates to travel for days across several countries to attend the exam. A clear example of how online exams can drastically reduce travel. Read the full case study here: Aga Khan Case Study

Remote video exams save time for all involved

The obvious time saving for the test taker is in the travel time. No travelling to or from exams saves valuable time. It’s less stressful too – with no concerns about traffic or public transport failures. Instead, just extra time to focus on preparing for the exam, or in the case of many medical students, performing clinical duties.

For examiners and exam administrators, the time-saving benefits are many. Whether that’s from using the workflow feature to see each exam and question status and efficiently collaborate with team members. Or remote question authoring directly into the bank. To using the blueprinting facility to quickly build exams with the right content and appropriate level of difficulty. Through to reduced administration – no need to print and collate hundreds of papers. In the case of OSCE or MMI exams, no need to manually schedule candidates to stations or circuits.

Time savings in the marking process are evident. For many exam styles, it’s instantly done in the system. Removing the need to scan papers or manually mark. Results are available quickly – pleasing candidates and contributing to improved exam experiences.  Post exam, analysis reports and statistics are available at the touch of a button. E-mailing students personalised feedback reports is quick and easy too.

Gain cost efficiencies

With no print costs, no venue hire or catering to pay for video exams can present significant cost savings. Additionally, examiners and actors/simulated patients don’t need to travel to the event, so there are no associated expenses. Since the eSystem is accessible via the web, all exam participants can use their own device, meaning that investment in hardware is not necessary. Although we acknowledge that some institutions may choose to do so.

Candidates also have no travel costs. As the Aga Khan case study example highlights, it’s not unusual for candidates to travel to another country for an exam. In these instances, an online video exam presents substantial cost savings for the candidate.

Increase accessibility and flexibility

Video exams also promote accessibility, making it possible for candidates to take exams that they may not otherwise have been able to. For example, due to financial or time implications associated with travelling to an exam. Ultimately, having a video exam option provides flexibility. Either for contingency planning should in-person exams not be possible, or simply just for smaller-scale exams where it makes more logistical sense.

With changing times and continued uncertainty, having the flexibility to adapt exams is beneficial and helps ensure minimal disruption to exam programs. Whilst giving your environmental credentials a boost at the same time.

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*Internet connection meeting minimum speeds will be required as will the use of a webcam and microphone.