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We have now added the ability to export and import examinations both to and from a file in CliniQuest.

This means that examinations created in one database can be now be used in a separate database.

In the traditional model of a CliniQuest installation, the entire process is completed on a single network:


The new feature allows for a greater degree of flexibility in how you use CliniQuest, and how you might run examinations. For example, you may want to create the stations on your main system, but print and scan the examination offsite before bringing the results back into the main system:


Previously, this process would not have been possible without taking the main system offline for the duration of the examination. This new feature is available now as part of version 3.1.2 to all current CliniQuest customers.

For more information on CliniQuest,  contact us on  +44 (0)1223 851703 or via email for more information.

Published 24th March, 2014 by Cuchulain O’Rourke