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In today’s digital age, using software to manage various aspects of the education landscape is an integral part of many higher education institutions. It’s possible to use platforms that manage course content, allow progress checking, have discussion boards as well as deliver exams online.

Navigating through these various systems, each with unique login credentials can be cumbersome for users. This is where the concept of Single Sign-on comes in, offering a seamless and secure solution to simplify the authentication process. It’s designed to streamline the experience for users and can offer a range of benefits. We explore these benefits in the context of our eSystem exam software below.

Unlocking Efficiency with Single Sign-On for Exams

As the demand for efficient and user-friendly exam software continues to rise, our commitment to delivering a simple and seamlessly intuitive experience led us to introduce Single Sign-On (SSO) in the eSystem.

With SSO, the days of multiple login credentials and the hassle of remembering passwords are a thing of the past. Candidates and examiners can access their exams from their institution’s chosen learning management system effortlessly with just one set of login credentials. This simplifies the authentication process, significantly reduces the risk of forgotten passwords, and minimises disruptions during critical exam periods.

Enhancing Candidates’ User Experience

For candidates, removing additional access requirements means they can focus on the exam content rather than dealing with authentication complexities. Furthermore, this improved accessibility contributes to a positive exam-taking environment, reducing stress and enhancing the overall candidate experience.

Improved Workflow for Examiners

For Examiners marking OSCEs online, using SSO facilitates a smoother workflow. It fosters effortless transitions between tasks and saves valuable time. Plus, the administrative burden of juggling multiple log-ins is reduced which frees up time and allows examiners to have a greater focus on exam content.

Single Sign-On – Putting You Firmly in Control

Our single sign-on is flexible, it allows a partial or complete switch to SSO, so a gradual migration is possible if required. Institutions have the option to selectively enable the feature for candidates and examiners. Additionally, it’s possible to set individual configurations which permit only single sign-on log-ins.  This means your institution can tailor the use of SSO based on their specific needs, putting you firmly in control.

Maximising Security and Compliance with SSO

In addition to bringing convenience, Single Sign-On also provides advantages for security and authentication. Our SSO adopts the Open ID Connect (OIDC) standard – an industry-leading standard supported by all major identity providers. By adhering to OIDC we ensure we conform with industry standards for identity verification, safeguarding sensitive exam data and ensuring compliance with security protocols. This added layer of protection reinforces the integrity of the examination process, instilling confidence in both institutions and candidates.

Ultimately, the integration of Single Sign-On not only simplifies access but also elevates the entire exam experience, creating a seamless, efficient, and secure environment that meets the evolving needs of education in the digital age.

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