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Creating a Short Case Exam

In this clip I’ll look at adding questions to a short case exam, which consists of a scenario followed by a series of sequential questions.  When the candidate takes the short case exam in delivery, all the questions in the short case are presented together, on one screen, making it easier for the candidate to consider all the questions in the short case.

I’ve added a short case question which is still in draft so it can be edited, and I’ve added some content including the code and the introduction which will be the scenario for all of the questions we include in our short case exam.

I’ve already added two questions to my short case exam.  The 1st is a single correct answer and the 2nd is a very short answer. You can open the questions here, and you can delete any questions you don’t want over here.

I can add a completely new question to my short case using this button or add a question to the short case from my bank using this button. This will replicate the question to the short case exam, it won’t affect the original item. The scores for every question in the case appear at the bottom.  This short case has the highest possible score of 2.

Now, I’ll add another question to the short case. Ill click the add question button.  From the drop down list I’ll choose a short written answer. I’ll open question 3, short written answer, and I could add the content in here, or delete it like this.

Now I’ll add a question from my existing bank using this button.  I browse to the question I want and select it like this, and save. I open the new question and edit the content for this short case.

Once I’ve made my changes, I can collapse the question, and I can see at the bottom that the highest possible score now includes the 3 points for the short with an answer I’ve just added to the short case.

Previewing the short case exam will display it as the candidate sees it, with the single correct answer, the very short answer, and the short written answer I just added at the bottom.

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