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Video transcript

Hello, I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip I will show you how we can analyse exam question performance using the eSystem item analysis report.

Right now I’m on the Question tab, and I’m looking at question C2 Horm 49.

I can preview the question, or I can edit the contents.

At the bottom of this list I can choose to look at the statistics for this question.

And over here on the right I can see a line of information for each outing of the question. This includes statistics showing how easy the question was, at the last exam, as well as the discrimination stats for that question. I can use this information later to select questions for future exams.

Over on the right I can see the pentile histogram, which ranks the students into 20% bands based on their performance in this exam. So this bar shows the top 20% of students, and the proportion who answered this question correctly. Whereas down here this the bottom performing 20% of students and the proportion who answered this question correctly. So a decrease in correct answers as we go down through the bands indicates a good discrimination.

Over here on the left you can also see a line of stats for the November exam along with the discrimination indicated by the reduction in those pentile bands.

I also have a line of statistics showing a summary of the questions overall performance so that’s all outings of the question.

If I want to look at the stats for all the questions in one exam I switch to the Reports tab.

I’m previewing the June exam, and at the top I can see the exam statistics, including the KR20 which is the reliability score for the exam.

And below that I have one table of stats for each question, showing the ease of the question, the discrimination of the question and the pentile histogram.

I’m previewing this report on my screen but I can share it by printing it or exporting it.

I hope you found this clip useful, please get in touch if you’d like to book a demonstration or for more information on the Speedwell eSystem.