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Analysing exam question performance

Hi, I’m Trish from speedwell.  In this clip, we will see how to analyse items in the speedwell esystem question bank.

I’m checking this question (here I’m looking at a preview of it) and I’d like to check the performance stats which are collected every time the question is answered in an exam.

The first row on the performance screen is the summary line which shows the collected statistics for every candidate and every exam in which this question has been answered.

we see the total number of candidates, the ease of the questions using the Mean and the facility, and how well the question works using std deviation, thirds discrimination and point biserial.

The pentile histogram ranks our candidates’ highest to lowest by overall exam result. They are split into equal 20% bands or fifths. This band is the best performing or top-ranked students and we can see that 100% of those students answered correctly.  As we work down through the bands, we would expect to see fewer of the lower-ranked candidates answering correctly, and this is what we see in this histogram.  One the right-hand side are the lowest ranking 20% of our candidates and less than 30%of them answered this question correctly.

On the right, we can see the distribution of answers or choice frequencies, here shown as a %.

Below we can see the same stats but this time for each version of the question if there’s more than one version.

So for this version how many answered this question, the ease and the reliability, and the pentile histogram showing the students’ performance and the choice frequencies.

We could also expand each version so we can see stats for each outing or each exam the question appeared in.

So we can see the performance of this question in every exam or at the version level or the summary of all outings of the question

We can also look at the stats for any exam using the question performance report.

This report shows the stats for every question in one exam.

At the top of the report, we see the exam stats, including the number of candidates, the mean score, and a reliability measure.

As we scroll down, we see a table of statistics for each question in this exam.

So, this table shows the number of candidates answering correctly, the ease of the question, the reliability of the question, and performance of the ranked candidates.

At the bottom, we can see the distribution or choice frequency and the correct answer is shown in bold.

And there is one table for every question answered in this exam.

If you’d like more information about speedwell question performance analysis or you would like to book a free demo, please contact us.