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Video Transcript: Blueprinting Question Bank Content.

Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell. In this clip we’ll be looking at blueprinting our question bank content.

Question Bank View – 08 secs

Here I’m looking at everything in my live bank and I’m interested in the question group Bloom’s Taxonomy. I can filter by knowledge and the content of the questions are shown here on the right-hand side. I can then look at comprehension by changing the filter, and the content on the right-hand side updates. I’m really interested in checking the content for the whole of the question group, so I remove the filters and I look at the blueprint on the right-hand side.

Blueprint – 42 secs

Here we set the Bloom’s question group as the column headings with its sub-groups content shown below. We can check that we have the right content in each of the sub-groups. For example, we might want to add more content – more questions – to the analysis sub-group where we only have three items showing. We can also expand a group and check the questions in that group in more detail.

Detailed Question Views– 1m 09 secs

We click the question we are interested in and then we can see the question. We can preview it, we can look at the performance of the question. So each outing, plus the summary line at the top and we can look at the audit entries as well. Where we look for additions, amendments, deletions and we can close that when we are finished.

Back to Blueprint– 1m 32 secs

And collapse our simple blueprint. We can also adjust the options for the blueprint.

Adjust Options for Blueprint – 1m 40 secs

At the bottom here we see the clear colour bands we set. Pink shows the easy questions with a pass rate of 80-100. Green is the moderate and yellow is the difficult questions with a pass rate of up to 20%. We can easily adjust that here if we want to. We can see Bloom’s Taxonomy is set as the columns group and I’m going to add a rows group as well to give a two-dimensional blueprint and save that.

Two-Dimensional Blueprint – 2m 14 secs

We can still see Bloom’s Taxonomy sets the columns for our blueprint, but we have now added learning outcomes as the rows. This question group has a bigger hierarchy, so we can have a comprehensive, detailed view of our bank and check where we might want to add more items. We might look at lots of different views of the bank using the groups we’ve created or we might choose to keep it simple.

Simple Blueprint – 2m 45 Secs

(No audio required)

Outro – 2m 49 secs

I hope you found this clip useful, if you would like more information on blueprinting or the Speedwell eSystem or would like to book a free demo, please contact us at