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Borderline regression video transcript:

Hello I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip I will be showing you how we use borderline regression for standard setting in Speedwell’s eSystem.

When marking, the examiner will mark each of the objective tests using fail/pass, no/yes according to how the station was set up. Then for the subjective mark we have fail/borderline/pass so the overall grade in this case has been marked as a pass and the examiner can add comments below to justify the mark.

Now flicking back to the borderline regression report we can see that this station has already got a historical mark allocated of 10.9 and as we look down through the chart we can see the subjective mark (fail/borderline/pass) for the overall grade at the bottom on the X axis, plotted against the Y axis for each of the objective marks for those who achieved a fail, those who achieved a borderline and the objective marks for the those who achieved a pass.

Back at the exam settings I can use the overall grade to allocate the pass mark. I can select from this dropdown and that will allocate a score and a calculated pass mark. Or I can just click Calculate Pass mark. That will automatically select the borderline , it will calculate the pass mark for each station AND give me the pass mark of 118.6xx.

So, back in the borderline regression report we can see the calculated pass mark now. And we can see that pass mark line where it intersects with the borderline. There is one of those for each station. That’s a very useful way to look at the calculated pass mark.

When we go back to exams I can add that overall pass mark now. I will round that to 118. Once I’ve saved that and I look at the Candidate Listing Report now, each can that has achieved 118 or more for the objective tests will receive a pass; those that didn’t achieve 118 will automatically receive a fail now that our standard has been set.

Thanks for watching this clip. I hope you found it useful. If you would like more information about Speedwell’s eSystem, or to book a demonstration please do get in touch with us.