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Using Box Whisker Plot


In this clip I’ll compare examiner marks for a completed OSCE exam using box whisker. I select a completed OSCE exam and then from the reports drop down I choose Examiners Box Whisker Plot.

There’s one set of plots for each station, and there’s a separate coloured plot for each examiner who’s marked the station.

From the options button a the top I can customise the header for the report. The default settings show the report name, the exam name, the date, and the station detials.

The y axis is an automatic scale showing the marks the examiners have given. The x axis shows the examiner numbers.

The blue plot for examiner 2 here shows the minimum score given and the maximum score given excluding any outliers.

This is the lower quartile and the third quartile. The box itslef shows the Inter Quartile Range.

The black line here shows the median.  If there are any outliers in the data they will show like this ether below or above the box

Once I’ve customised the report, I can decide how to share it.

I could save it, print it, and use it as a template for future box whisker reports I create.

You can find other useful esystem clips on our youtube channel.