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Secure exam delivery – Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell software. In this clip we’ll be looking at options for securing exam delivery. We’re setting up a secure exam here. We’re going to use automatic timing and in this example each student has 75 minutes to take the exam – unless they have been allocated extra time automatically. We’ve also set the start date and time so the exam can’t begin before this date and time and it must finish by the end date and time.¬† For extra security we’re enforcing secure delivery for this exam. We’re using safe exam browser and the student will have to enter a start password and an end password to complete the exam. We’re randomising the questions and for multiple choice questions we’re also randomising the choice answers. after the exam’s finished students won’t be allowed to take the exam again and they won’t be allowed to review the exam. So we can just switch those off.

This is the delivery interface and the student has logged on with a user name and password. We can see all of the exams that they have to take. This one can be taken as an open book exam, but this one HAS to be taken securely. So before we switch to secure, we note that the student can navigate away they can use a search engine, they can start  another browser and this will apply if they are taking an exam without secure mode.

Back to delivery here – the student will now take the second exam which has to be taken securely. This is what the student sees taking a secure exam. Once they have started taking the secure exam, they can’t use the mouse or the keyboard to navigate away. They can’t click above, they can’t minimise the window and they can’t use keyboard shortcuts to start other applications or switch to other applications. Here they are trying to use the keyboard shortcut to browse away and there is a visual warning as well if they try to do that.

As an alternative to secure delivery, if you have subscribed to a third party proctoring service outside the eSystem you can export the exam candidate details. Here we have chosen to export student number, name, email and exam URL. These details are helpful for using external proctoring software. This is what the export looks like and you can see that each student has a unique URL to directly access the exam from the proctoring software.

I hope you’ve found this clip useful, if you would like any more information about the Speedwell eSystem, securing exams, or would like to book a free demo, please contact is at