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This clip walks through the eSystem help resources.

Accessing eSystem online help

New customers can familiarise themselves with all aspects of the esystem with our flexible, bespoke training sessions. eSystem online help is available for users who are signed in and working within the esystem.  We also have a range of short how to videos on our website and a support helpline.

During our training sessions participants access their own esystem site ensuring that relevant examples are available for continued learning. Our comprehensive training covers fundamental concepts, key tasks, and essential processes, and can be tailored to meet specific objectives. Our flexible training sessions can be run online or at the customer site, and long or short day options are available.

Signed in esystem users can access online help using the question mark next to their username on the right hand side.  eSystem online help offers quick start guides and a reference guide and selecting either of these will start help on a new browser tab.

On the left hand side, at the top, there are some advanced options. The help guides are in the content section below. Content is divided into 4 sections:  general information, quick start guides, a reference guide, and faqs.

In the general information section, you’ll find useful information including an overview of what’s new in each release, and useful shortcuts within the esystem. ‘What’s new’ contains links, so I can either scroll down or click a link to jump quickly to that topic.

Quick start & reference guides

Our quick start guides are a series of guides which provide step by step instructions for key tasks. Here I’ve selected how to create a multiple short written answer and you’ll see the content on the right.

Next is a detailed reference guide which provides information on the main eSystem screens and delivery processes. Here I’ve chosen the guide on how to restore candidates, and you can see the detailed content in the right hand pane.

Frequently asked questions compiles comprehensive answers to common queries, covering topics ranging from the offline osce app and safe exam browser, to troubleshooting errors in questions – you will find the answers you need in this area.

There’s a search facility in the eSystem online help too. I can type a search string in the box in the top right-hand corner, and pick a topic from the list displayed.

To complement our eSystem help resources, we have compiled a collection of short how to videos which can be viewed on our website or YouTube channel. We have over 30 videos and regularly publish new content. Subscribe to stay up to date.

All our esystem customers have access to ongoing support via our helpline. our dedicated team is here to assist you with any problems you may encounter.

How to videos:

Watch our other helpful videos.