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Exam performance report video

In this video I will create an Exam Performance Report for a written exam. I select a completed exam, and from the Reports drop-down I choose Exam Performance.

As well as the header at the top, we can see the exam stats, and we can see the candidate results distribution at the bottom. I can use the options but to customise this report and choose what I’d like to display. I won’t adjust anything in this this header, and here are the exam fields which calculate the statistical exam information.

From the Question Groups button, I choose objectives – my questions belong in Knowledge, Application and Diagnosis and I’d like to show these in the report.  I can choose which columns I’d like to display, or hide, like this. I’ve organised my candidates into groups, so that I can compare their results.  I choose Entry 2023 and both regions within that group.

Again, I can choose which of my columns I display in my report, or hide, like this.  Finally, I’m going to change the number of bands in the histogram, which shows at the bottom, to 5.

The customised report shows the report name, the exam detail and the date, and then the exam statistics. We can see our Objectives question groups Knowledge, Application and Diagnosis and the columns of information we chose to display, and here are the candidate groups (Region1, Region 2) and the columns of information we chose to display for those. On the histogram at the bottom the y axis shows the number of candidates, and the x axis shows our percentage score for our 5 candidate bands. Once I’ve customised the report, I can decide how to share it.

I could save it, print it, and use it as a template for future reports I create. You can find other useful esystem clips on our channel, here.