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Exam Software for Schools – Marking an Exam

Hi, I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip, we will see how easy it is for school teachers to mark class tests and produce class results and reports for individual students.

We will see how multiple-choice questions are marked automatically as well as hotspot questions and very short answers.   Teachers can also easily log on to mark essays and check the marking against pre-set marking schemes. This completed test has mostly been marked automatically, but the teacher wants to mark the essay question.

We can navigate through the marking by candidates or by questions and use the buttons to skip forwards and backwards. We will just click the next student to mark. Each student in the class has written one essay question and the maximum mark for this is ten points.

We can read through the question again, and also the mark scheme or the model answer that the teacher set up inside the question. We compare the student answer shown here to see how many marks we can award the student when compared to the model answer.  The mark is then awarded up here in the allocated score to a max of ten points.  And then we can move on to the next student until every student in the class has been marked.

The very short and answers and the hotspot answers have been marked automatically by the System. But we can review the very short answers and see a table of all the answers that were typed in by the student during the test.

The green lines are correct answers and we see how many students in total typed in one of these correct answers. The red lines are wrong and don’t get a mark as a default. We can review this table and anything we think actually deserve a mark but wasn’t included in the original list can be allocated an override mark just by typing the mark in over here.  This means that every student who typed in this answer will now receive a mark.

Teachers can review the hotspot clicks as well. These blue areas are correct, and the red or hot areas show how many students clicked into these.  Any marks outside here are wrong and don’t get a mark.

This is one of the reports automatically generated showing the exam or test details and stats, then the student names, scores as a percentage and a grade. You can customise what you show here, and this can be exported as well.

Another automatic report auto is a feedback for the students.  This one shows the student and exam details and scores as well as a grade at the top.  We show the student results as a graph here.  The graph shows the sample student groups Arts and Sciences.  The blue bars are the student results and the red diamond is the class average.

You can also show more numeric information such as score details and question details below, and there are lots more options you could switch on here including ranked performance arrows.  And you can customise this depending on the kind of feedback you want to give to each student in your class.

I hope you found this clip useful. If you’d like to learn more about how the eSystem can help you with your school exams, or arrange a demo please contact us as