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School Exam Software – Student taking a test

“Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip, we will look at the student answering a mixed question paper in the Speedwell System.  (How our exam software can be used in schools)

The student can customise the delivery screen if they want to. And they’ll need a username and a password set by the school to sign in. This student has already taken some tests, and these can be taken off by the teacher when they are finished; there are some more which are due to be taken now.

This example is a general school sample test with questions from a couple of different subjects, but normally each subject would set its own tests. This test is timed as well. Most of the questions, like this multiple choice question, will be marked automatically as the students go through the test.  This question has an image and it’s a single correct answer.

The student they can see which question they are on in the progress bar on the right, and they can flag a question and it shows here if they want to come back and review it later. The next question is a written question.  The teacher will mark this written question once the test has been taken.

The student reads the question, types their answer in this box below. When a teacher sets a question like this they also set up a marking scheme so that when they go back in to mark they can clearly see how many marks should be awarded for each point that the student has written correctly.

This is a hot spot question, again, marked automatically. The teacher set this up by mapping out a correct click area and if the student clicks in there, then they will receive a mark for it. The next question is very short answer question. To set this up the teacher has typed in all acceptable answers or phrases, and these are automatically marked by the system.

They can be reviewed later as well in case the teacher decides to allow marks for words or phrases that were not on the original list. Question 5 is another simple multiple-choice question. And this last section is a set of choice questions.  Lots of information here.  The teacher can pop images into the question or texts as images as we have here.

This is quite a nice way for the students to go back through the question and refresh themselves with a little bit of extra information in the boxes as they work through the question. This layout is nice for detailed sections of work with lots of multiple-choice questions attached to it.

When the student has finished they will be able to review anything they want to; here looking at the one they flagged.  They go back into it change their mind if they want to and then finish. For each test, there is the option of showing immediate feedback.  This might be a key phrase the teacher wants the student to remember or maybe standard feedback set by the school.

They go back to exams, they can take another test, they can look at feedback or results, depending on what the teachers have published for them.  Then they log out.

I hope you found this clip useful. if you’d like more information about student tests at your school or the speedwell eSystem exam software for your school or if you would like to book a free demo, please contact us at