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This clip walks through monitoring an osce exam.

Exam monitors can decide which events they’d like to monitor, and then look at the responses and the response details.

For remote osces monitors can also check the live mic and webcam connections and use the help message function.

From the exams list, select the exam to be monitored, in this case an osce exam, tick to select it, then actions, monitor.

The monitoring screen is split in two.  The events details at the top and the responses at the bottom.

Each exam has its own monitoring options.

The options in the top pane allow us to chose which events we monitor, and how we refresh the exam during monitoring.

The selected events are displayed like this.

This exam has 2 events and they are both shown here

If an exam is timed, the timing will also show here.

For selected events the response tab is shown at the bottom, it defaults to the front.

This is the first event, there are 3 stations.

This is the starting position or the 1st rotation for the candidates.

Once this candidate has finished at station 1, they will rotate to station 2, and the third rotation will be to station 3

The status of each candidate is shown next to the candidate number.

It’s either a tick, meaning everything is working as expected,  or a cross which may require further investigation.

The second tab at the bottom shows response details. This is a list of marked responses. Clicking a response displays the marking actions below, and clicking a line here drills into the response further.

For remote osce exams, monitors can also check live connections, the mics and webcams for examiners, candidates and simulated patients.

The Connections tab is here.

In this 2-station exam, the first event shows at the top.

Green indicates the mic and webcam have connected without issue.

For station 1 both expected users have connected, and for station 2 all three expected users have connected.

Red mic or webcam icons indicate a problem with the connection.

Exam users and the monitor can use help messages to contact each other

The Help messages tab is here.

Station filters can be applied here, and monitors can reply to messages or create new messages using these buttons.

Received and sent messages show in a list below like this.

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