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In this video I will be creating a multiple short answer question.

I’d like to create 4 short answer questions which are linked. So I will use the multiple short answer question item and I’ll add 4 short answer questions within that item.

I’ll give the multiple short answer question a code, and here I’ll type the introduction for all my items.

I’ll add a title here. You can customise how many short answer question you have as default – I usually have 5.

Here I’ll just delete one of them as I only want 4. I could type my questions into this grid and add my max score on the right and a pass mark if I’m using one.

Using the edit button allows me to add my short answer question text along with a model answer which is useful for marking later on.

I type the question text in here along with any formatting I need. And the model answer for this question goes here, this will be visible later on during the marking session.

The max score of 2 goes in here, and that will keep markers within the marking parameters later. I’ll add the optional pass mark for this question in here.

And then go back to my question screen where I can add the remain short answer questions to my item using the edit buttons on the rows below.

Now I’ve added all 4 of my short answer questions to this item. In the preview we can see how the introduction and the short answer questions will look in the exam.

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