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Hi, I’m Trish from Speedwell software. In this clip, we will run the remote osce computer check.

The exam user will need to consider a few things when they run the check.  They will need to be at the same computer and kit they will be using to take the exam, – so the same computer, the same webcam and microphone,  AND using the same Wi-Fi connection they will be using on the day of the exam.

It should be done well in advance of the exam so that there is time to change any of the settings or kit if required.

Every user will receive a link from their organisation to run the check.  And this link can be clicked or pasted into the browser.  Users can also run the check once they have signed in with their unique username and password, and this is shown in another clip.

The webcam is clearly working, and we need to check the status of all the kit below, each element of kit and connection should display in green, with a status of ready. Here, everything is green, the webcam is ready, the microphone is ready the browser is ready, the internet speed is ready and the video connection is ready. This exam user is ready to take the exam using this kit and this connection. To check what is required to connect to the exam, there is a list of requirements at the bottom of this screen.  The equipment needed is specified here – a working webcam, a landscape display screen, the internet speed required is shown, and the supported browsers are listed. The problem-solving section has a list of solutions for any errors shown in the check.

Errors will be listed in red or amber like this.  In this example the webcam and microphone are being used by another application, the user is using an unsupported browser and the internet connection is too slow.  Looking through our problem-solving bullet points, the user can identify the solution and will need to shut the other software down, use a supported browser, and find a better internet connection. All the kit and connection elements would then be showing as green with a status of ready.

To check the clarity of the audio, the user will click the record button then speak.  The recorded speech will playback automatically.  The user can play again if they want to.

To choose a different microphone, or a different webcam the settings button shows the drop-downs with all available alternatives.  When the user is happy with the mic and webcam they are using, and all the elements of the kit and connection are shown as green and ready the user has successfully completed the check and can scroll down and go Back.

The Exams screen will display the Exam to be taken here in due course.  The user will be able to connect to their exam from this screen at the correct time. The user goes up to the right of the Exams screen and signs out, then closes the browser.