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Hi, I’m Trish from Speedwell.  In this clip, we see how an examiner marks a candidate in an osce station using a shared image.

The examiner and candidate will be using mics and webcams to talk to each other, and the examiner will share an image with the candidate.  Both will be able to place markers on the image to facilitate and clarify procedures and the image will update on both screens simultaneously.

The examiner browses to the speedwell eSystem delivery screen and signs in with their unique username and password. The examiner details and sign out shown in the top right. This examiner has three events to mark.  Each event is dated and timed, and the exam can check the details of the event here, & go back to exams.  The examiner can use the TAKE button to join the exam.

The examiner webcam loads on the right, and in the banner at the top, we can see the exam and station details on the right.  The exam timer is on the left. This will count down to the start of the exam, then count down through any allocated candidate reading time, then, count down through the remaining station time whilst the examiner is marking each candidate.

The general exam instructions show on the left and the examiner instructions for this station show on the right. The examiner can also switch to view the candidate instructions for this station by clicking the C at the bottom here.  The examiner may wish to read the instructions and then switch to NONE which clears all instructions from the screen.

Once the examiner has marked all their candidates, they will leave the event using this button. On the right, the examiner can load and use an onscreen chat facility to get help from the exam administrator by clicking here.,.  The examiner can mute their mute, or hide their webcam using these buttons, or change their settings for the mic and webcam using this button.

If the station is being observed by a floating examiner, this symbol appears at the bottom.  It will disappear when the observer has moved to another station.

Before the exam begins, this examiner chooses to show the examiner instructions. The exam begins and the timer now displays the reading time. The examiner clicks the NEXT arrow to load the first candidate mark screen. The candidate number shows at the top left, here it’s 4018

When the reading time comes to an end, the candidate joins the station automatically and the webcam positions change so that the examiner can clearly see the candidate webcam at the top on the right. The examiner checks they have the correct candidate, 4018,  here. The candidate and examiner can see and hear each other in this station.  The station has begun, and the examiner can begin marking and scroll down through the mark screen on the left-hand side as they work through the station.   Placing ticks in the appropriate boxes as they go.

During this station, the examiner would like to share an image with the candidate and wants the candidate to explain a chest exam using the image.  The examiner clicks the image and can resize it. The examiner clicks to place their E marker onto the image and the image is now shared with the candidate.

Here we can see how the examiner and candidate would see the same image with the E marker placed on it. .  The candidate is now placing C markers on the screen, which the examiner can see, to illustrate how the procedure is undertaken. So both candidate and examiner see and click onto exactly the same image, to help answer and clarify details of the chest exam.

Back to our exam and this examiner has clicked on the image (we can see their E marker).  The candidate places their C marker or markers on the image whilst describing the chest exam.  OSCE stations can contain multiple shared images, which can be used by examiners, candidates, and simulated patients as well.

When the candidate and examiner have finished this procedure, the examiner closes the image and continues marking the station. This station has a global rating at the bottom, and space for comments which are optional.

The candidate has now finished this station and is moved onto the next station automatically.  The webcam is repositioned until the next candidate joins.  The next candidate joins automatically, and the examiner begins marking again.

This is the last candidate for this event.  The examiner will then LEAVE this event using the button at the bottom.  This will take them back to the OSCE events screen and they can check the details of their next session before they join the event.