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Why should you use our eSystem exam software to run your OSCE assessments? Watch our video to find out more:

Improve your practical assessments and streamline your exam administration with Speedwell’s eSystem software – giving you all the tools you need to run world-class OSCEs.

Our examination systems have powered medical school, university, and professional body exams, worldwide, for over 30 years.

So we have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure your exams run seamlessly.

OSCE Set-up

Using our secure platform to create and run OSCE exams gives you flexibility and control – whilst at the same time removing complexity.

The intuitive interface is easy to use to create simple or detailed stations for high stakes exams.

Whether you are creating new stations, or making small changes, you can check how the station will look for the examiners at every step of the way.

Categorise your stations within bespoke questions groups that you create, and customise your difficulty levels with colour coding.

You can display the blueprint matrix showing where the questions belong and their colour coded difficulty level.

Your exam is easy to control and organise.

Selecting and ordering stations is simple in the eSystem.

Exam events can be set for different dates, times and locations.

It’s easy to place your examiners, whether you have one marker, or multiple markers at each of your stations .

And of course, place your candidates in their correct rotations, at the right stations.

With options to run paperless in-person osces, online or offline or live video OSCEs remotely, from any location, you have complete flexibility.

Candidate marks are entered into a secure web interface, which can be accessed via any device, which then syncs with the server.

Where connectivity is an issue, use our off-line osce app and upload the responses after the event.

Check your online exams are progressing as they should, and be assured that data is being captured, and the risk of missed marks is removed.


Post-exam, a variety of reports are available allowing you to gain insight and identify where improvements can be made to your OSCEs.

Quickly generate personalised candidate feedback reports, which can be given online, by email or via PDF

Candidates can see how they performed by station, with useful bespoke feedback

From the initial demonstration, through to implementation, speedwell offer training and support to help you through your osce process.

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