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Setting user permissions and access

In this clip, I will show how user permissions and access can be customised for each individual eSystem user.

As the administrator, I will be setting up all our staff as eSystem users.  Here is an Author I have set up.  As well as setting up the name, login, and organisation details, I can pick as group to set the user permissions automatically.  Staff roles and permissions will vary.

Administrators have all permissions for all tasks, whereas markers have very limited permissions.

This is a Question Author who will just be writing questions in the eSystem.

The permissions tab displays the inherited permissions (shown in this column as blue).  I could override these permissions and allow a new task by clicking here, or deny a task, depending on the exact role of this staff member.

As a default, this Author can do just a few question related tasks, they cannot do anything related to candidates or exams, or anything else.

For this author I will also make sure that they are writing questions into one bank, that I have set up for new questions. They are denied access to all existing banks apart from the Sample training Bank.

When this Author signs into the eSystem, they will only see the functions and features they have been permitted to see.

From Banks, they will see just the Sample Training Bank (they can’t access questions from any other bank).  From the Questions tab, they can see all the questions in their bank, and create new questions, by picking from this list.

For existing questions, they can just open them – to edit them – and clone them.  They can’t do everything – for example, they can’t delete questions, or change which bank they belong to.

As administrator, I have set up another user as an Exam marker.  This marker will be using the eSystem to mark short answer questions, so I set their Group as Exam marker.

Their permissions are very limited, I can override them in here if this marker needs to do something else like moderate if their role changed I could switch that on in here, but as a default they are denied all permissions except, for exams, the marking permission is switched on.

The next thing we need to do for this marker is attach them to the exam I want them to mark.

In Exams, I can see this exam has been taken and is ready to be marked.

When we go into the exam we can see the status, and scrolling down to settings, I can decide which markers are marking the questions and what they can do as well as what is displayed.  And here we can see that I have already attached my marker to this exam.

So, this user is only has permission to mark, and they are only allowed to mark this one exam. When they sign in, they only see exams here at the top.

They are allowed to select the exam they are attached to, and they can mark the short answer questions they are allowed to mark, or review the marks allocated to Very short answer questions.

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