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Ready to improve your assessments and streamline your exam administration processes, but concerned about stretching your resources to manage more exams without risking your reputation? Imagine if your question bank gave you actionable insights, rather than just ad hoc data from various files – or no data at all.  And allowed you to improve the quality of your exams from anywhere?


Introducing Speedwell’s eSystem. This software allows you to run world-class multiple choice and practical exams online.  It is easily customised to individual requirements, whilst maintaining all of the key functions of administering, analysing and reporting on your exams within one system – liberating your contributors from version control issues. With the option to be cloud-hosted, you can keep it cost-effective and grow as you need to.  And because it integrates with our software designed for paper exams, you can be confident that it is a reliable solution that will work alongside all your paper and online exams.


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