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In this video I want to show how easy it is to keep track of changes to a question during it’s life cycle using the audit function

For this approved short answer question I want to see the audit lines which record every change made to the question. So, I click Audit here.

The audit lines below show what happened when a named user changed something – either the content of the question, the properties of the question (like which group it belongs to), or changed the status of the question.

Each line shows the user making the change, the date and time, the status and the nature of the change.

The line at the bottom always shows how the question was created, this will show whether it was added (as this one was by SMITH) or imported or cloned. These are the three ways of making a question.

From these lines we can see that smith made three edits on these dates and the final one was the approval of the question. This question went from draft to approved. There could be many lines here, for example if the question is finally retired, or when many users have collaborated on this question.

I can click any edit line to display it.

The left of the screen shows the question before and the right shows after the change.

The colour key at the top shows additions will be highlighted in green, changes in yellow and deletions in red.

After the first paragraph of text, there was a line space which has been deleted, and that’s clearly gone afterwards.

Yellow highlights that the long title of the question has been changed to “Stress Indicators”, there’s another change in the wording of the model answer here.

And the question has been deleted from the question group “knowledge” and it’s been added to “general awareness”.

If multiple users are involved in making the question or in the approval process, there will be more lines here indicating the workflow stages such as “reviewing”. To see how this and other functions work see our other suggested clips.