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Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell, in this clip we are going to look at hot spot questions in the Speedwell eSystem.

Question Set-up

Here, I’ve set up a hot spot question. I’ve added the author, the code, the question text, a title and I’ve left the default score of 1 for a correctly marked question.

I’ve already added an image, we can see the hot spot colour is showing in blue and I’ve added two of those already. The question can have multiple hot spot areas. I’m going to zoom in and add a final hot spot just by clicking the button and mapping out the area on the image.

Once I’ve finished I can save and close.

Student Exam

Here we can see a student taking an exam, they’ve read the question, they are simply going to click the part of the image that is relevant, then they can zoom in, have a closer look and adjust the mark if they need to and then move on and finish the exam.

Exam tab

This choice and hot spot exam has already been completed and marked automatically by the eSystem and we can review the hot spot questions. All the hot spots in the exam are listed on the left and we’re looking at the first one here. We can see that the heat map has been enabled and the spot colour is in red. And if we zoom in we can look more closely at the image. Anything inside the blue hot spot areas will receive a correct mark automatically and anything outside won’t. We can switch off the image to look at the hot spot and heat map area more clearly. Once we have reviewed each of the hot spot questions in the exam we can close.

Candidate Feedback Report

This is one of the ways we can look at the results. It’s a candidate feedback report for the students with their details, the score, the grade at the top and this bar shows the student results and the average for the other students. We’ve grouped the questions into diagram hot spots and choice answers and we can see the number of questions they have got correct as well as percentages and averages and a performance arrow at the end. Which gives the candidate their performance relative to the other candidates in the examination.

I hope you found this clip useful, if you would like more information about hot spot questions, the speedwell eSystem or would like to book a free demo, please contact us at speedwell