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Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell, in this clip we are going to look at Very Short Answer Questions (VSA) in the Speedwell eSystem.

Here, I’ve set up a VSA question. I’ve populated the author, the code, the question text, the title and I’ve put the model answer in, which is the expected answer to the question. I’m ignoring the first character case. Here we can add the correct answer and the variations of that we can accept. I’ve added one and I’m going to put another one in as well. I’ll put LVH in here – that’s acceptable. We can have lots of answers in here but I’ll just stick to two for now. I’ll save this question and then close it.

Exam Delivery

We’re now seeing a student take an exam, which has a VSA question in it. The student will add the answer in the text box and then complete the rest of the exam.

Exams tab

This very short answer and multiple-choice exam has been completed and marked automatically. But we can check the marking of the very short answers. Here we see the question text and the model answer. The table below shows the answers entered by the students in the test. The highlighted green answers are the correct answers and they’ll automatically receive a mark. Anything that is highlighted red is incorrect. So, we check through those answers to see if there is anything that we would accept and we’d allocate a mark to in here. When we’ve checked through all the answers we close.

Item Analysis Report

Once an exam is completed, there are various reports available. This is the item analysis report – we can see the statistics for the exam at the top, and we can then we can report on each of the very short answer questions. Including the facility and the mean score, and the Pentile histogram on the right. The rest of the report shows the data for the multiple-choice questions in the exam.

Student Feedback Report

Students can see their feedback reports after the exam as is shown here. In this report we’ve grouped the questions into very short answers and choice answers, so they can see how many of the questions they got correct. As a percentage, what their score was and what their performance arrow on the end.

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I hope you found this clip useful, if you would like more information about Very Short Answer Questions, the speedwell eSystem or would like to book a free demo, please contact us at speedwell