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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Trish from Speedwell Software.

In this clip I’d like to show you how we can select questions using a previously recorded exam history within the Speedwell eSystem.

I’m in the eSystem on the Questions tab and I’ve already selected some questions using filter criteria of Live bank, elderly group and pain text string.

And I have 5 questions which match that selection. I can see the criteria I’ve used in the filter pane, here. But I’d now like to select the difficult questions from my list.

So using the filter button I’m going to search for questions a low facility score of between 0 and 0.4, which will return the difficult questions and that’s based on the recorded exam history.

That filter has now returned three difficult questions from my list.

And that filter pane now also displays that facility search that we made in the exam history.

I hope you found this clip useful.  Please contact us to book a demonstration or for more information about the Speedwell eSystem.