Question Bank

Question Bank is the easy to use exam question and item banking software.

Over the years, you’ll build up a bank of hundreds, even thousands of questions that you return to whenever you create a new exam. Question Bank makes managing and analysing the performance of these questions easy – and speeds up the process of adding more when you need to.

The benefits of Question Bank software

This versatile technology gives you:

  • Confidence in the quality and validity of your assessments.
  • Time. No more unwieldy Word documents or unreliable systems, just a quick and efficient question bank solution. 
  • The power to interrogate the performance of every question and weed out the ones that aren’t working.
  • The control to drive up quality, ensuring each exam offers the right content and the appropriate degree of difficulty.
  • Essential feedback through detailed statistics and analysis.

Key features

  • Create, manage and optimise your examinations
  • Map questions to particular curriculum and learning outcomes
  • Improves the quality of assessments
  • Supports Multiple Choice Questions, Short Written Answer, OSCE exams and more
  • Allows the importing of existing question libraries
  • Advanced, in-depth statistical analysis
  • Seamless integration with MultiQuest or CliniQuest
  • Intuitive design – no IT skills required

Designing a new exam: a simple step-by-step process

  1. Import existing question libraries into the item banking software or simply copy and paste.
  2. Give each question a status, category, sub category or keyword for easy retrieval. You can also link and group them.
  3. Compile new exams through a variety of different search options, from simple manual browsing to advanced statistical searches.
  4. Use the helpful Blueprinting function for an overview of the finished exam to ensure the relevant areas of the syllabus are covered fairly.
  5. Import to MultiQuest or CliniQuest for exam processing.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

The information you need is at your fingertips. With a little help from MultiQuest or CliniQuest, you can build up a detailed performance history of every question on the Question Bank item banking system.

Choose how you want to display the statistics – graphically or numerically – and use that information to create clear, concise, conclusive reports – quickly.