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Run secure exams remotely

Whilst many institutions already successfully run secure exams remotely, for others, moving exams online hasn’t been a priority. With tried and tested exam processes working well, online exams were a consideration for the future, for a time when both time and resources allowed.

However,  we presently find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances. With the global pandemic Covid-19, the World is rapidly having to change and adapt to an ever-evolving situation.  This is particularly true for universities and colleges as they face mass closures and look to minimise learning interruption for students.

With unknown timescales involved, finding solutions to mitigate disruption and continue to deliver high-quality education to students without face-to-face interaction or mass gatherings is a priority. Particularly for those involved in medical education. The need to ensure trainee doctors and nurses complete their qualifications and are ready to help where they’re most needed has never been more important.

Once the immediate issues of delivering online learning and remote teaching are arranged, thoughts will inevitably turn to how you can deliver high-quality secure assessments remotely.  This is where Speedwell’s eSystem online exam software can help.

All the tools you need to run secure exams remotely

With our eSystem software, it’s possible to set- up and run secure online exams, via our web app. It’s flexible, supporting all major question styles (MCQ, including, EMQ, SBA, SAQ, Very Short Answer, Essay, MMI and OSCE – online and offline). So whatever the question format, you’ll be able to deliver secure online assessments.

Furthermore, several key features ensure the integrity and security of your exams – providing you and your students with peace of mind.

  • Cloud hosting

With eSystem, you have the option of hosting yourself. Or, you can choose the cloud hosting option and let us manage the process. This could be the best option at the current time, as it’s likely to be the quickest option to get your secure online exams up and running.

With cloud hosting, there’s no need to invest in any additional physical infrastructure, or mobilise IT teams to install software or updates. We will manage that for you leaving you to prioritise time elsewhere. You can also be assured that you’ll always be working on the latest version and will be amongst the first to receive updates. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) remote cloud infrastructure, therefore capacity should never be a concern.

  • Bring your own device (BYOD)

eSystem software works with a wide range of operating systems and devices, so bring your own device (BYOD) is possible. At this uncertain time, you don’t need to invest in any additional equipment to run secure remote exams. There’s a lockdown function, which ensures the device is completely ‘locked-down’ and candidates cannot access any files or the internet during the examination.  With timing of exams and proctoring options also available, you can have complete confidence in the security and integrity of your remote exams.

  • Sophisticated question bank

At the heart of the eSystem is a sophisticated question bank enabling you to store, categorise and analyse your questions. Plus, it’s quick and easy to import questions from other systems or sources. So you’ll be ready to start building exams in no time.

The remote question authoring feature aids the question writing process and means questions can be written and added to the bank from anywhere. The audit tool will track changes and assist with version control.

Added benefits of online examination software

In addition to this, by making the move to online exams, you’ll benefit from several other features to help streamline and improve your exam processes. Such as blueprinting and statistical analysis both of which provide valuable insights for ongoing improvement of exams.

The candidate feedback tool allows you to provide timely, personalised and detailed feedback to students online. Students are able to log-in and view their feedback at a place and time to suit them. Something which is going to become ever more important without face-to-face interaction.

With eSystem, you can create, administer, run, analyse and report on your exams with one easy-to-use integrated assessment system – from any location.

Why choose Speedwell for your secure online exams?

We are a world-leading exam software provider – our systems have powered medical school, university and professional body exams for over thirty years, so we have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that high stakes exams run smoothly and efficiently, even in this difficult and challenging time.

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