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All the tools you need to run world-class medical exams

We’ve been supplying exam software to Royal Colleges and Medical Schools for over 30 years. We understand what’s needed to ensure your MCQ and OSCE exams run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Today’s Medical Schools are facing increasing pressures on budgets, time and resources. This, coupled with the complex nature of running high stakes medical exams, means institutions are increasingly investing in exam management software to help streamline processes and free up time.

One flexible system

With our innovative eSystem exam software you create, administer, analyse and report on your medical examinations in one easy-to-use system.

It supports all the main assessment and question types including MCQ – such as extended matching questions (EMQ) and single best answer (SBA). To single answer questions (SAQ), essay, mini multiple interviews (MMIs) and OSCE/OSCPE. Allowing you to create exams exactly as you need.

The software can either be client or cloud hosted. With cloud hosting you scale as you need, whilst we manage the servers, security and software updates. Plus, it works on a wide range of devices and operating systems. This enables you to deliver exams on any Ipad, Android device, Windows PC or Apple Mac.

Additionally, it’s compatibility with paper exam delivery systems means that its possible to continue to run paper exams alongside online exams if you need to.

Deliver OSCEs the way you need

Setting up and running OSCE examinations can be complicated and stressful. With different clinical scenarios, plus the allocation of candidates and examiners to different stations to consider – it can be a logistical nightmare.

The eSystem removes the complexity of running clinical skills assessments. It’s intuitive interface makes it simple to set up eOSCEs with as many candidates, stations and examiners (including multiple examiners for the same candidate at the same station) as you need. And the event tagging functionality allows you to run OSCEs over multiple days, circuits, sessions and locations.

The blueprinting features ensure its simple to check that learning outcomes and clinical scenarios are covered.

During the assessment, examiners enter the candidates mark into a secure web interface on a tablet. This can be done online (providing visibility and assurance the exam is progressing and data is being captured) or, if Wi-Fi is not available, via our offline app.

The app stores the information until the tablet is online again. In addition, there’s the benefit of a review screen at the end of the exam so the examiner can review all stations and check they haven’t omitted anything.

The eSystem’s flexibility makes it possible to easily deliver OSCEs in a way that best suits you.

Performance insights

Anyone involved in exams is keen to see feedback into performance. Whether you’re an examination manager seeking information on questions and exams or a student wanting prompt results with feedback to assist your learning.

With eSystem’s in-built analysis tools it’s easy to provide performance insights on every question, station or exam. And, equipped with this information, exam managers are able to make improvements to future assessments.

Providing feedback to students is simple. With eSystem’s student feedback reports you can provide detailed and timely feedback. The personalised reports allows them to see their performance by station or learning outcome and so on. Furthermore, they can also see how they compared against their peers.

All of this information is available within eSystem at the touch of a button. So your time can be spent focusing on creating more effective medical assessments in the future.

Talk to the team

With Speedwell’s eSystem you get all of the benefits associated with streamlined exam management, plus the flexibility to customise to suit your individual needs. If you’re looking to invest in an exam software for your medical school or institution, talk to us.

To find out more or arrange a personal demonstration, call our sales team on +44 (0) 1223 851703 or email