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Streamline exam processes with eSystem

Video Transcript: Ready to improve your assessments and streamline your exam administration processes, but concerned about stretching your resources to manage more exams without risking your reputation? Imagine if your question bank gave you actionable insights, rather than just ad hoc data from various files – or no data at all.  And allowed you to […]

Analysing exam question performance

Video transcript Hello, I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip I will show you how we can analyse exam question performance using the eSystem item analysis report. Right now I’m on the Question tab, and I’m looking at question C2 Horm 49. I can preview the question, or I can edit the contents. At […]

Photo showing laptop running eSystem exam software.

Selecting exam questions using filters in banks

Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip I’d like to show you how we can select questions using a previously recorded exam history within the Speedwell eSystem. I’m in the eSystem on the Questions tab and I’ve already selected some questions using filter criteria of Live bank, elderly group and pain […]

Candidate feedback reports

  Video Transcript:   Hi I’m Trish from speedwell software. In this clip we are going to look at the Speedwell eSystem candidate feedback feature, and how it can be used to provide clear and instant feedback to candidates taking online exams. Here, the candidate is taking an online exam with the eSystem, reading the […]

Man working on laptop running eSystem exam software, where you can use borderline regression for standard setting

Using borderline regression for standard setting

Borderline regression video transcript: Hello I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip I will be showing you how we use borderline regression for standard setting in Speedwell’s eSystem. When marking, the examiner will mark each of the objective tests using fail/pass, no/yes according to how the station was set up. Then for the subjective mark […]

Using blueprinting to select exam questions

Video transcript Hi I’m Trish from Speedwell Software. In this clip I’m going to show you how to select questions for a multiple choice exam within Speedwell’s eSystem using a blueprint. So I’ve switched to the exams tab and I have already created an exam and I have added some questions to it already. And […]